Novasolo Products T&C

NovaSolo Products T&C

Product Disclaimer
Wood and Rattan are natural materials; no two pieces of furniture are exactly alike. Variations in color and texture should be expected and are not considered product defects.
Furniture items are to be used for their intended purpose only: to store and to display household items (e.g. sideboards, cabinets, hutches, wardrobes) or to support household activities such as seating1 (e.g.chairs), eating (e.g. tables) and sleeping (e.g. beds).
Users must always exercise caution in operation. Children (and adults alike) should never be allowed to play, climb or hang on the furniture or its components (shelves, doors, drawers etc.).
To prevent serious injury from furniture tip-over, always place the product on a level surface and secure taller furniture pieces to the wall using restraints and wall anchor hardware (not provided). To further reduce the risk of injury, place heavier personal items in the lower compartments of the furniture.
Any wall fixtures (e.g. floating shelves2 & coat racks3), are recommended to be mounted to brick or concrete walls. Do not mount floating shelves or coat racks into dry wall. Mounting screws should be screwed into wall plugs.


Care & Maintenance
The condition of furniture can change over time. To retain the original appearance and prolong the durability of the furniture, routine care and cleaning is recommended.
Wood and Rattan contain moisture. The expansion and contraction properties of wood are affected by the surrounding climate.
Fluctuations in humidity may cause the glued connections to split and the paint to crack. In extreme cases this may cause the wood itself to crack. To prevent wood movement:
– Maintain a stable level of air humidity in your home (50% relative humidity);
– Avoid placing furniture near heating and air conditioning sources
The painted finish is sensitive to UV rays. To prevent changes to the color of the paint, avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight.
Dust your furniture frequently with a lamb’s wool duster and wipe down your furniture with a moist cloth periodically (chamois recommended). For a heavier clean we recommend using mild soap and warm water: a few drops of dish detergent should do the job! Do not use bleach, alcohol based products or any corrosive cleanser; these will damage the paint finish. Make sure to dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning.
If your furniture contains glass components, please ensure to remove any dust or debris prior to cleaning, as these may scratch the glass.
To protect the paint finish against damage from hot/cold beverages and/or hot serving dishes, we recommend using cork or felt bottomed coasters and trivets. To protect the furniture from spills and scrapes, please use: place mats, tablecloths, or padded table covers.


Consumer Alert
Smoking materials can cause furniture fires. Keep your furniture and family safe from fires caused by careless smoking and unattended open flames.


Limited Warranty
NovaSolo offers a limited worldwide warranty that guarantees our products are free from defects in craftsmanship or construction for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase, under normal use.
This warranty, expressed or implied, does not apply to product damage that arises from misuse, negligence, alteration, accidents, improper assembly, cleaned using wrong methods or products, or damage during transport4. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.
NovaSolo reserves the right to examine the product and decide if it is covered under the warranty. If a product is covered by the warranty, NovaSolo will, at its choice, either repair the defective product or replace the product with the same or a comparable product.


Environmental Responsibility
NovaSolo timber and rattan products are V-Legal certified and licensed by TÜV Rheinland. V-Legal documents assure the legality of the goods from their point of harvest to their arrival at their final destination after export. Indonesia signed a voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) with the European Union (EU) to comply with the standards and guidelines set forth by the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan.
The medium density fiberboard (MDF) used as a secondary construction material in our Halifax, Bordeaux and Provence collections meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulations and has undergone the Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) testing to comply with P1 & P2 emission standards.

The wood paint used in all NovaSolo home-furnishing products is approved for consumer use and verified by SGS.

By purchasing NovaSolo furniture products, you contribute to the ethical trade of timber products and strengthen sustainable forest management practices.